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Jebel Ali Offshore
Offshore means being treated outside the UAE, excluded in the regular laws that applies to the companies in UAE. Setting up an offshore company is a popular choice for the reduction of taxes by legal means, planning for inheritance and estate taxes, protection of assets and ensuring confidentiality.  

Selection of an appropriate offshore financial center is fundamental to any offshore structure used in a scheme of tax planning or asset holding. Advice taken at the initial stage goes towards making the foundation of the offshore structure stronger.

Jebel Ali offshore, which enjoys tax haven status and several double taxation treaties signed between the UAE and the world, allowing the ownership of free hold properties in the UAE. There is no minimum capital required and no need to set up an actual office facility.  Jafza offers many incentives to make doing business with us easy and profitable.

The option of setting up in Jebel Ali is therefore most suitable for companies intending to use Dubai as a regional manufacturing or distribution base and where most or all of their turnover is going to be outside the UAE.

Jebel Ali Offshore Incentives

  • 100% foreign ownership : The ability to operate your business as a wholly owned entity, without any need for local partnership 

  • Corporate taxes are not applicable for a period of 50 years, a concession that is renewable. Companies may transfer any capital as required 
  • Exemption from all import duties
  • No personal income taxes

  • No Currency restrictions

  • No restriction on hiring foreign employees

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