MCK's Profile 

Our Expertise

We believe that the human brain is an invaluable 
. The credit for the firm's consistent performance
for almost two decades
goes to its team.  

The expertise of our partners and seniors is drawn
extensive experience in the economic, 
financial and social issues within which the public and
private enterprises operate in this region. This enables 
us to understand the challenges they face and thus 
develop effective solutions that relate 
directly to the local environment. 

Our professional team is skilled in a range of
disciplines, including finance and accounting, 
restructuring, economics and information technology.

As our assignments have frequently been multi-
disciplinary in nature
, we involve specialists from 
within our firm or
professional consultancies
with complementary disciplines.  

Our Standards

Engagement of an audit team having adequate knowledge
and expertise on the
auditing principles and Generally
Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

the preparation of financial statements in compliance
with the International Accounting Standards.
professional care in the performance of the audit and obtaining
evidential matter through inspection, observation, inquiries and confirmations for framing the audit opinion.  

planning of the work schedules and supervision of assign-
ments by audit manager at regular intervals.
Initial determination
of internal control and sufficient understanding about the client's
business to create a platform for planning the audit and 
crystallizing the nature, timing and extent of tests to be performed.  

In Order
to form our audit opinion in the financial statements,we
obtain sufficient competent evidential matter through inspection,
observation, inquiries and confirmations.

Availability of Electronic library for the professional team for
acquiring/improving the knowledge base and reference of earlier
work done.  

2005 MCK Associates

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